Why you need a waiver?


The purpose of a release form is to limit the liability of your business to cover potential accidents that may occur to the participants. Business owners do their best to ensure a safe environment for the participants but nobody is immune to minor possible risk of your customer tripping over.

Despite the main purpose of a release form, sometimes people overlook other functionalities a modern digital waiver can provide you with, like email addresses or useful data that can affect your advertisement tactics. A simple “How did you hear about us” field can completely change your marketing source priorities.


Why digital?


One might think that if no injury has occurred by the end of the player’s participation, the business can safely discard the waiver at that point. Depending in which stale you are located, you are required to retain the forms until the statute of limitations has expired (the legal restriction on the length of time an injured party has in which to file suit) which in some cases can reach several years. This is particularly relevant for those who embed waiver PDF file to their websites with a requirement to bring a singed copy in a printed form and present before the activity. Most businesses do not have an unlimited physical space, in addition to that, it complicates the storing and searching procedures in case you need to pull up some information. Furthermore, hand written information increases the chances of a wrong decrypting that may result a loss of essential information like customer’s email address or marketing questioner. It also significantly increases the time spent for manually replicating the information into a database.