The purpose of creating the Categories is to simplify sorting and review processes.

"Categories" are the actual activities that your customers attend. Example: An Adventure park may create Categories, such as Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Ropes Course and etc. 


Create a new Category and Schedule

Follow the next 5 steps to create the activities and asign schedule.


Step 1 

By default there would be no Categories. Click "ADD" button to create a new Category. 


Step 2 

Give your Category a name. Attention: This name will appear at Waiver Frontend page and be visiable to your customers. Use something client will instantly recognize.

Download an image from your computer. Since the image can be viewed from multiple platforms and different screen sizes, we recommend it to have the following parameters: size 200x300 px in JPEG format of max 200kB. Larger images can cause image distortions and App responsive delays. In order to avoide those negative effects, please stick to recommended or close to recommended specifications. 


Step 3 

Ones saved, you can create the Schedule for this Category. 


Step 4

The schedule specifics of each business vary and often one activity can have either no schedule at all on 'first-come, first-served' basis or have multiple schedules based on a day of the week, special event or holiday seasons. Here you can define how many schedules you would have and asign specifics for each one. 

"Conditions" are the schedule options under one Catergory.

Example: Skydiving Company in seashore resort town might have Conditions, such as "Weekdays", "Weekends"  and "Private Lessons". Each of those Conditions would have its own Schedule for particular day of the week. 

If the Activity has no schedule, a Condition "Everyday Schedule" can be created with "No Time" option chosen. 

Click on "ADD" button to create a new Condition:


Step 5 

Now its time to Name a Schedule Condition, determine the days of the week and designate the time slots. 

Field "Name" is for internal use so call it whatever you like. 

There are 2 mutually exclusive options: "Regular Schedule" and "Exception Schedule". 

Regular Schedule is used to define most common schedule, and therefore that option gives you access to pick the days of the week.

Exception Schedule allows you to create an exclusive exception for one particular date in a created schedule. That option can be used in situations, such as Private Events, special bookings or when facility is closed due to holiday or emergency. Exceptions always privileged over Regular Schedule, and thus its settings will overwrite any other conditions. 

Ones you choose Regular Schedule, simply select the days on the week and pick between "Time" if you have booking time slots, "No Time" for 'open doors' or "Closed" if your facility will be closed at those days. 


Review and manage 

Ones you created your first schedule Condition for the first Category, you can review the information by simply clicking on it. 

Manage the Categories by clicking in pencil icon to edit, calendar icon to change the schedule or X icon to trash (ones removed, there is no restoration possible).