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Overview how cyber waiver works

Brief description of two systems involved: a Frontend – visible to customers and a Backend – administrator panel where you would manage your forms.

1. Frontend customer's side

Option №1: sign online

Pre-sign a form in advance online by clicking on URL link received with an automatic booking confirmation email or link on your website.

Got tickets. What's next?

After client makes a reservation, you can provide them with two options how to fill up a waiver.

kiosk station

Option №2: Kiosk station

Sign in person at the facility before the activity.

Waiver Frontend interface

This is the interface your customers will interact with.

1. choose activity

Front page

Customers pick an activity they booked from a list.

Manage services

Add as many activities as you need. Categorize them by type and other specifics.

2. Pick time

pre-sort information

If you have a schedule, customer picks the time for which they made a reservation.

Optional feature

Not all businesses have a certain schedule set up. Some are not time-sensitive or have walk-ins. Time schedule is an optional functionality.

Customer pick reservation time on waiver

3. adult and minors


Fill out forms for themselves.


Can not sign forms for themselves and require a parent or a guardian to sign for the minor. See your local laws and regulations before creating a form.

Waiver for a minor



Participants can read you waiver text and review clauses.

legal advice

Obtain a legal advice from your local lawyer to draft a waiver which will actually protect you from potential harm.

Text draft for an activity waiver

5. Sign form

collect information

Create a questionnaire to collect information how your customers found you or collect emails.


Customer sign the form and agree to the contract by clicking a check box.

Waiver electronic signature

2. Backend admin console

Use online

Login to Admin Panel through any browser. Instant real time connection.

staff managing

Create and manage collected forms by logging in to your Account.

mobile app waiver

Mobile App

Install Cyber Waiver App to your Android Mobile device. App gives a more convenient optimized access to browse through collected forms.

Waiver backend interface

This is the console interface you and your staff will use to view collected forms, manage waiver text and functionalities. 

1. Review collected forms

review forms

If a customer performs the procedure in a facility, the staff have access to real-time live tracking from their computer or a mobile device. The information is available instantly with no time delay.

sort information

If a customer signed the form online in advance, the staff can review a presorted information that is only relevant for each particular Category and reservation time session. No need to go through a severe search of record massive lists trying to reveal each person by name.

Review waiver forms

2. Filter forms

Sort by Activity type

The admin interface contains multiple quick filters that allows you to review relevant presorted information.

Sort by participant

Find a customer by name, date of birth, date and time of an activity.

Sort waiver forms with filters

3.Customize forms


Import a form banner with your Company recognizable branding design to give it a custom look.

Customize questions

Along with mandatory fields (signature, Name and date of birth) you can add optional questions, such as email, "how did you hear about us" and etc.

4. Export data

keep the record

Review, manage, email and download the forms. Ability to export Data in CSV format to your email marketing service.

Download waiver forms for the record

App compatibility

Any Android-based devices starting from 4.1 generation.

Apple devices can run from Browser.