Waiver Legal Language

This information is strictly for educational purposes and is not intended to be, nor should it be interpreted as, legal advice or opinion and it does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you need a legal advice, please obtain it from an attorney licensed or authorized to practice in your jurisdiction.

Do we provide Legal Language for your waiver forms? 

 No. We only provide you with a platform where you can place the contend of your waiver text. 

Although Cyber Waiver can be used for many legal documents, it i typically employed to sign release liability waivers that intended to protect a business or person from liability and legal claims during participant’s potential dangerous activities. It is frequently used by recreational activity, event and entertainment companies and it usually consists of a number of clauses, such as  understanding and acknowledgement, hold harmless, expressed assumption of risk, photographic release and other. The more detailed information you include, the more likely you’ll be covered for any claims. However, keep in mind that a liability form usually does not cover accidents or injuries caused by negligence or the failure to exercise reasonable care over a situation.If the patron’s injury occurs because the business was negligent, the business might still be at fault.

Although release liability waivers are enforceable in many states, almost every state has at least one law pertaining to them (including pre-injury waivers). Laws regarding minor waiver/releases also vary from state to state. This is a developing area of the law that is undergoing constant change. For Legal Language for your Waiver content we recommend addressing to an attorney authorized to practice in your jurisdiction. It is important to note that a court is much more likely to uphold or give weight to a custom waiver that has been drafted specifically for your activity and to meet the requirements or avoid the pitfalls of your state’s legislative or common law.