Waivers Menu Page in Admin Panel

This is how the page would look like, when you start receiving filled forms from your customers.

waivers menu page in admin panel

waiver features

1. Quick Filters 

Multiple filtering options allow you to review a presorted information that is only relevant for each particular date, type of event or reservation time session. No need to go through a severe search of record massive lists trying to reveal each person by name. Your waiver will contain information upon which the system complies and sorts the data, which simplifies the searching process. You can easily review the information from your admin page to make sure everybody signed up. 

Top bar quick filter 

Allows you to navigate between multiple categories with one touch.

Waiver Top Bar quick filter

Sorting Filter

It will let you sort the forms from A to Z and vise versa. Activate by simply clicking on it. 

Form filter 

Each waiver form contains static required by default  fields that will also allow you to group and sort the forms by such criteria as: name, date of birth, reservation date or time and notes. 

2. Review minors 

If minors (age under 18) participate in the event, parents or legal guardians must sign the form on behalf of the children. The administrator is able to review minors under the guardian’s (or parent’s) name. A special icon indicates that there is more than one name present in a form.

waiver minor icon and information

3. Add custom notes

Add a comment to a certain form by clicking on a Note field.

4. View the filled waiver forms 

To review the forms simply press on “i” – information icon next to each form line. A new window will pop up with a detailed information about each waiver. 

5. Instant form update 

As soon as a new form is signed, the staff have access to real-time live tracking. The information is available immediately with no time delay. Simply refresh the list by clicking on the “REFRESH” button. Most recent form will be displayed on the top of the page.

Waiver updates forms instantly

6. Export data

Download the collected forms in the following forms: CSV, PDF, Text, HTML, Excel 95+, Excel 2007+.

Download waiver record data

7. Feedback 

Let us know how we did! We are constantly working on improvements based on the feedback we receive from our customers. Your suggestions and recommendations are very important to us! We strive to make our service the most convenient and user-friendly. Simply press on a floating button to contact our team directly.

Leave feedback and request to create new waiver features