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Youth Event Participant Waiver

Activities with participants who are minors must be taken very seriously. There may be a difference in how the law treats commercial activities, and school-sponsored and community-related activities organized through uncompensated services of volunteers and their sponsoring organizations. 

Parental authority in the context of a liability release on behalf of a minor is not evident and may vary from state to state.


  • Adventure Parks
  • Education Facilities
  • Rides
  • Fun Centers
  • Boys and Girls Clubs

More info

  • Camps
  • Play Grounds
  • Lessons
  • Parks
  • Shows

Companies involved in youth-serving activity or companies that sponsor such activities should consult a lawyer for advice about their specific situation.


Tips for service providers

  • Waivers can’t be signed by minors. A guardian must sign for a child
  • Consider guardian/parent supervision during an activity
  • Avoid poor wording. Provide explanation for each clause and overly broad statements




Kids Activity Providers 

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